The Wine – everything

I am grateful to fate because my passion fills my life.

The holy madness of winemaking drives and guides me, it always takes me further towards new vintages and challenges. I learned not only to make, but also to fear and respect wine – just like Tokaj’s natural forces – and all its secrets and unfathomable diversity. I learned that wine is everything.’ Richárd Hörcsik 

With love

The Portius Cellar welcomes and awaits all those who want to taste Tokaj wines in an authentic environment, where the wines were born. During the tasting, visitors hear many stories about the vineyards, the Lorántffy and Rákóczi families, and the wines tasted. Anyone who enters the Portius Cellar leaves with an experience of a lifetime – this is guaranteed by the knuckle bread/lavish hospitality/, good stories, unforgettable wines and, of course, the person of the hosting winemaker.