The Tokaj Wine Region

Tokaj as a region produces wines with the highest alcohol content and wines that have the greatest
sweetness level and acidity level in the country. The secret of Tokaj wines is determined by the
combination of several different factors. Equal consideration is given to the climate, the location and
the soil structure. 
A very particular, a long, often very dry autumn that helps to develop a botrytis (noble rot) driven
sugar concentration and raisin-like berry formation (aszusodas).

The Tokaj Region has typically a warm summer, long and sunny and also humid autumn and cold
winter. The long sunny and humid autumn is ideal for the formation of botrytis (noble rot). The Tokaj
Wine Region is located on volcanic slopes that consist of rhyolite and andesite and the topsoil is
forest loam. The top soil is often based on clay and in many places rocky therefore very difficult to
cultivate. The slopes of Tokaj Kopasz-Hegy has loess as top soil. 

The Tokaj Wine Region is Hungary’s most acknowledged, world famous wine region thanks to the
distinct character of its wines.