Portius Experiences

Event venue
Wine tasting

We offer wine tasting and a wine tour that introduces the winery facilities. Our Portius Winery and
Event center is located in the city center of Sárospatak. Our staff is ready to host small venue events
(baptisms, weddings, graduations) or corporate events. Our downtown location consists of a 1500m2
outdoor, landscaped area with parking lots and a 100 m2 indoor facility. This place is an ideal
environment for wine tastings for groups and winery dinners. 



Cellar visit in Hercegkút
Wine tasting

Our wine cellar is located in Gombos-Hegy (Gombos-Hill) in the historic world heritage village of
Hercegkút, 3 km away from our central winery location in Sárospatak. Gombos-Hegy is a fantastic
hiking destination with its rich fauna and flora. Visitors can enjoy a scenic view from the hill that
faces the nearby city and the River Bodrog.


The Winery

The wine tour introduces the state of the art winery that was opened in 2020. This winery sources
the grapes from the territory of 12 ha. The tour walks through chambers to introduce the different
techniques that we use such as reductive and barrel aged winemaking, bottling and palletizing. We
also operate our webshop from this location.



Sárospatak, Kazinczy Ferenc út 2, 3950

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