“The Wine itself is Everything”

I am grateful to have received the opportunity from life to become a winemaker. My passion for
wine is fuelled by the challenges of the craft. New vintages take me to even newer challenges. I
learned not only the trade itself but I have come to fear and respect wine – as the forces of Tokai
nature  –  all its secrets, its unpredictable diversity. Wine is profound -wine is the whole sum.’ Richárd Hörcsik Jr

With Love

At Portius Cellar we provide authentic wine tasting ambiance for our Tokaj wines. Our tastings are
hands-on where we showcase our wines focusing on the specific terroir. The focal point is the region,
shedding light on the historical perspective highlighting the importance of such aristocratic families
as the Lorántffy and Rákóczi who played significant roles in making the Tokaj wine region so fine. Our
wine tasting is also a gastronomical experience with locally sourced food pairings.  Every time, the
winemaker personally introduces his own wine to the guests.